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There are many services provided using screw piles:

Cabin lifting and levelling:
We virtually lift the cabin and move it from side to side or forward and backwards to access putting in supportive screw piles. A laser level is used to keep the piles at an even height. Support beams are installed on custom, adjustable "U"brackets on top of the piles. The house/cabin is then lowered back onto the support beam at the height which the customer has pre-determined depending on what they want under their structure.

Foundation lifting and levelling:
Many structures may have been built without a piling system under their footings, grade beam or floating slab which have sinced settled and cracked causing the building to list or dip resulting in cracked walls or floors to be uneven. Our Dura-lift system can lift these foundations with a combination of screw piles and the Dura-lift system.

Grade beam, footings,slab, expansions and deck tie ins:
When adding a garage, deck or addition to an existing building there is always a concern of movement from settling. Installing screw piles to a depth below frost lines and at a monitored pressure will aleviate these problems and provide quick and tidy tie ins with super support. Extra piles can be installed for hot tub supports on decks.

Sun rooms and Solariums:
Many of these rooms are added onto existing homes and buildings after awhile and the landscape is matured and lush. Piling systems of some kind have to be used to support these structures. With our light equipment we access finished yards through the man gate putting down plywwod to protect yards causing minimal damage and being able to install screw piles to support the structures.

Wind, Solar and Communication towers:
Screw piles of all different sizes and length are manufactured and installed to accommodate stand alone or supported towers and solar panel bases.

Sign, Billboards, Light Standards and Retaining Walls:
Screw piles are used to provide foundations for all of the above mentioned. Custom adaptor plates are installed at customer's request to accommodate the bases of these. Billboards and signs can be installed in wet areas and sloughs along roadways, normally unproductive land. Steep banks can be braced and shorelines can be protected with screw pile installation.

Complete installation of new construction, residential, recreational, commercial and farm foundation screw piles:
We have access to Geo-tech engineers to calculate weight, design piles and provide the quantities required.

Grain and Fertilizer Storage Bin Foundations:
Screw piles are installed in various combinations of patterns and sizes to accommodate grain and fertilzer storage bins of any size providing foundation support and tie down capability.

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